Receiving Your Station

Receiving Your Station

While you're waiting on your Optimal Station, here are a few things to double-check before they arrive.

Are your location and team ready for the new station?

Before Your Station Arrives 



Do you have internet access?

Do you have a dedicated power outlet?

How strong is the cell phone signal available at the location?

Do installers have steel-toed footwear?

Do you have a small pallet jack (forks 20” apart and 36” to 42" long)?

You will need the following tools:

  1. T-20 screwdriver

  2. A ratchet, extension, and 14 mm socket

  3. Impact screwdriver

  4. Phillips head, 6-point, and star bit

  5. Small pry bar

  6. Internet capable laptop

  7. Pen and paper

We understand that not all the Stations ordered will be set up on the same day. Our shipping team loads the truck with that in mind. 

  • Your machines and associated peripherals are identified with ID #’s in various locations to enable quick identification.

  • Machines are loaded with the lowest ID # first and the highest ID# last. If you place them in order as they come off the truck, they will already be sequenced for orderly and efficient storage and installation.

  • The last pallets loaded include your touch screens. These should be removed first and placed in a location where your installation team has access to them when needed. Please DO NOT STACK anything on this pallet as it will damage the monitors.

  • You will receive the exteriors in crates on a different truck (and likely a different day) than your machines as they come directly from the fabricator.

Once you have received your machines and exteriors, it’s now time to put your Optimal Station to work.

  • Select the machine you wish to install. Double-check that you have all the peripherals you will need.

  • Remove the exterior from the shipping crate.

    • This allows you to confirm the site is able to facilitate your machine.
  • After unloading the exteriors, DO NOT LEAN EXTERIOR PANELS AGAINST WALL. This has the tendency to warp the panels and increases the chance of damage to your exterior.

  • Assemble the exterior.

  • Place the machine into the assembled kiosk.

  • Connect the cables.

  • Power on your machine.